TRENDING: Man dressed as Jesus Christ whipped in Odessa's Parade of Lights

Published: Dec. 3, 2018 at 6:37 PM CST
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An entry in Saturday's annual parade of lights in Downtown Odessa has a lot of people talking.

The Holy Ghost Fire Church's entry included Jesus - covered in blood and carrying a cross - being beaten by a Roman Soldier.

Luis Benavides, who played Jesus, said he apologizes for offending parade-goers, but stands by what he believes.

"Nobody calls Santa crazy. No one calls him a fairytale or any other character that is along the parade," Benavides said. "But do you want to live in the lie? Or the truth?

He says he understands that the scene is a little vulgar, but adds there are worse things kids are exposed to.

"I've played video games in my life. I played Black Ops and all of that stuff," Benavides said. "Their kids are murdering in the game, and they're okay with it."

Video of Benavides getting beaten down south grant street sparked comments for and against on social media.

One video posted on Facebook now has more than 40,000 views and 300 comments.

Natalie Petit said, "I believe this should have been saved for another time... these children are too young."

Another woman messaged CBS7: "A lot of people found this a little disturbing... and some children scared."

Although others, such as Naomi Lujan, supported the scene.

She said, "This is the best thing in the parade. The only people that are offended seem to be the people who take Christ out of Christmas."

A spokesperson for the City of Odessa says the entry fulfilled all of the parade policies.

She also said the description the church group used on their online application was: "The theme of Jesus Christ."