TEA visits Tall City elementary school

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - The commissioner of the Texas Education Agency visited one West Texas school on Wednesday morning.

The commissioner of the Texas Education Agency visited one West Texas school on Wednesday morning.

Members from the TEA were given a tour and got to see the work teachers and staff have been putting in to improve scores at Bush Elementary School in the Tall City.

The TEA Commissioner Mike Morath said, Bush Elementary, which is run by Midland ISD, saw improvement in their scores.

He said the school rose from a "C" rating to 88%, which is a 'B' rating.

“Midland is an example of a school district that is focused on not doing business as usual. They recognize we have a moral duty to every single one of our children to help them maximize their God given potential,” said Morath.

Morath said during his visit Wednesday, he met with staff and watched teachers work firsthand with students.

The commissioner believes MISD staff should be proud of their efforts and that Bush Elementary is a staple in the Midland community.

"It was really a blessing to be able to see what the team here and the team of teachers the administrators as they come together to try to create the most effective learning environment for kids,” said Morath.

MISD Superintendent, Orlando Riddick said the school district agrees with the TEA and believe Bush Elementary deserves more recognition for being a good school.

"When people think some of our most prestigious schools that we have here in Midland, the name of Bush does not come up. It is deep in the work that we are doing currently right now over the last two years. They have been an incredible leader, they have incredible teachers, staff, culture and climate,” said Riddick.

After the visit from the TEA, MISD said the schools next goal is to quote "find their signature" and grow to the next level.

When asked if he was satisfied with the visit and how the school has implemented changes the commissioner had this to say.

"Bush is a school to emulate, this is a school where I think it would be wise to see administrators from around the state look at the specific instructional practices, the specific organizational practices that they have adopted here to improve,” said Morath.

MISD tells CBS7 News, the staff at Bush will continue to keep working hard until they reach an 'A' rating.