TEA scorecard moves ECISD from 'D' to 'C' grade, superintendent talks improvements

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - Before classes are back in session, it’s schools that are getting their scorecards.

The Texas Education Agency published scores for every school district this week.

ECISD earned an overall ‘C,’ beating last year’s much more dismal ‘D’ score.

Like any educator, Superintendent Scott Muri isn’t satisfied with that grade.

“Not happy with where we are as an organization,” he said.
The report labels 16 schools as failing, 9 of those were meeting TEA’s standards last year.

Of course, it’s not all bad news.

Eight schools were bumped up by a grade while STAAR scores improved.

Muri said he’s confident he can lift the district up to par, but how is a bit of complicated question.

“If there was one silver bullet, we would have solved it,” Muri said. “But I think a variety of things right now.”

The superintendent pointed to a serious shortage of teachers as one major focus.

ECISD is starting the school year Monday 350 teachers short and muri says the key to fixing that problem going forward is to give them a reason to stay.

“A great principle is going to yield a great school. A great teacher is going to yield great learning experiences for kids and so our opportunity is to invest deeply and heavily in the people that serve our kids every day.”

He said the district will come up with strategies to improve the district this winter and he wants everyone to be involved.

“We understand that we cannot do this work by ourselves. So, our improvements will be done with our community, with our moms and our dads and our grandparents. Those adults that are involved in the lives of our kids. With our business community, our nonprofit community, our faith community. It’s going to take the village of Ector County to do really great work for kids.”

You can find the complete report on each ECISD school by going to txschools.gov.