Sweet, Squeaky Celery

PRODUCE MAN Okay. Your Celery better be in that refrigerator. That's right. You keep it in your refrigerator. Hey, Celery this time of year -- I know the kids are back in school. They've been there a for while. A couple things about celery.

First of all, how to pick out the best Celery. It's very important to know how. First of all, I look for the lightest color Celery. Dark green Celery means it's gonna be a little bit more bitter. And if you're gonna give Celery in your kid's lunch, you want them to eat it.

That needs to have a nice, sweet flavor. So light color is what you're looking for. Pick it up in your hand. It needs to be very heavy for its size. Finally, squeeze it. Do you hear it squeak?

Yeah, that's gonna be sweet Celery. Now, one of the things I do for the little Marks brothers, I will cut this into sticks for them, just like so. And then I will take my vegetable peeler, and I'll actually peel the outside. You know those little -- those very fibrous lines in there?

Yeah, those strings, man, they get caught in your teeth. Kids really don't like that. So go ahead and peel it for your kids.

They'll enjoy the Celery a whole lot better. I'm Michael Marks, Your Produce Man.