Survey: Ector County ISD seeing rise in student population

ECTOR CO. -- No doubt Ector County ISD has seen exponential growth in student population recently.

On Monday, school leaders met to hear the results of a new demographic survey that could help them determine how to move forward.

According to ECISD, the northeast and eastern portions of Odessa are seeing a boom in housing development and student growth.

CBS 7 was at the meeting and heard from not only district leaders, but citizens as well.

“I know we’re on an upswing again and we keep growing, I just get nervous at times when I talk to customers that have moved in here from up north or back east, and they talk about you have all this growth, then all of a sudden the economy changes and you’ve built all these schools and now they’re all empty, said Eric Easley, an Odessa resident.

“We have to look at the total package, I think we would be cheating citizens if we don’t look at not only new and what we’ve got, then we can sit down with the citizens advisory committee and say here’s what we see, here’s the numbers, what do you want to do,” said Ector County ISD Superintendent Tom Crowe.

In the latest state snapshot sent to the Texas Education Agency by ECISD, the district has just over 31,000 students enrolled.