Dinner Tonight? Summer Stuffed Tomatoes

Over this time of year since our markets, and backyard gardens are bursting with so much fresh produce that we often find ourselves looking for new ways to use it up.

Like zucchini! We can toss it in our warm weather salads, or how about shredding it and making zucchini bread to serve all summer long and if ruby red tomatoes are piled high on your counter, here's an idea. Stuff them with a throw- together seafood salad that's cool and refreshing to make it, all we have to do is bake a few white-fleshed fish fillets, let them cool and break them up into chunks.

Here I’m using U.S. farm-raised catfish since it's super mild, super fresh tasting and holds its shape when it's chunked. now we toss this with a bit of mayo, some chopped celery, scallions, pickle relish, a squeeze of lemon and a bit of salt n' pepper.

When you stuff this into fresh tomatoes, and bring it to a potluck picnic, or make it the star of a light summer supper, you can't go wrong to get the recipe in time for dinner tonight,

I know your taste buds will be glad you did. I’m Howard in the Mr. Food test kitchen, where today we found a fresh-from-the-farm way for you to say ooh it's so Good!