Students in Big Spring come face-to-face with dangers of distracted driving

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BIG SPRING -- Big Spring students received a sobering message from motivational speaker Tyson Dever. At only 34 Tyson already has personal reasons to fight against distracted driving.

“I’m 22 years old and I had just for done playing college baseball,” Dever said. “I was going to school to be a teacher and coach. Life is going exactly how I planned.”

12 years ago on March 11, 2005 Dever’s plans changed drastically. A distracted driver slammed into the back of his Corvette, leaving him permanently paralyzed and bound to a wheel chair.

After recovering he became an advocate against distracted driving. Dever has made it his mission to educate Texas students before they get behind the wheel.

“I think that the cool thing about my story is I can relate to students,” Dever said. “It’s real for them.”

He hopes his story inspires all students to think twice before using their phone behind the wheel. TxDOT reports more than 100,000 traffic crashes in Texas every year are due to distracted driving

“I don’t want someone out there to be the cause, I want them to be the solution,” Dever said.

In a recent study 38% of Texas drivers admitted to talking on their cellular phones while driving. While cell phones are the most recognizable distraction, TxDOT also encourages drivers to avoid texting, posting to social media, checking email and eating while driving.

TxDOT funded a grant that allows Dever to share his sobering message to students in 25 schools across Texas. The program is called “Teens in the Driver Seat.”