Storm rips through Andrews neighborhoods, damaging property

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ANDREWS COUNTY, Tx. (KOSA) -- Severe weather tore through Andrews last night causing serious property damage.

When Andrews residents woke up after a night of severe storms, they’re neighborhood looked pretty different with overturned trailers and broken houses all around.

Residents describe their night taking shelter from extreme wind, rain and hail.

“It sounded like a roar,” Anna Randon said. “Like, really scary roar.”

“I stopped in my truck,” Johnny Blakeney said. “It was raining so hard and hailing and probably blowing 70 mile an hour. You couldn’t see anything. Nothing.”

When they could see again, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Downed power lines, overturned trailers and pieces of homes are strewn all over the neighborhood.

Randon said chunks of her roof were torn away and scattered across the yard, if they even came down at all.

She said it was the most frightening storm she’s seen for as long as she’s lived in Andrews.

“My grandkids were all scared like ‘let’s just leave,” she said. “’Let’s just leave’ and we were like ‘well, we have to wait, everything’s going to be ok.’”

And she wasn’t the only one with reason to feel a little on edge.

A massive oil tanker rolled all the way from an oilfield lot right into a family’s backyard stopping just feet away from the door.

The company’s crews say it’ll have to stay there until the winds die down.

This family caught a lucky break, but many others didn’t.

“We came by to check it out and it’s pretty messed up,” Marco Sauenz said.

That’s an understatement.

Sauenz walked us around his house showing us where his carport used to be after the storm sent pieces of their home flying leaving the rest in shambles without even gas or electricity.

“So, without electricity the house is just a house,” he said. “Useless.”

It only took a few hours for the storm to sweep through Andrews, but it’ll take weeks for the damage to be undone.

“But it’s so quick,” Randon said. “I mean, it goes through, does its damage and then it’s over.”

Some people CBS7 spoke to thought a tornado swept through this area Tuesday night, but that has not been confirmed by the national weather service.

However, we do know it was a powerful storm with winds up to 65 miles per hour.