Solar and wind companies looking to build farms in Andrews County

ANDREWS COUNTY, Tx (KOSA) -- In the land where oil rigs are king, wind and solar farms are trying to make their way in.

According to the Texas Comptroller Website, multiple solar companies and a wind company are looking to build farms in Andrews County over the next 2-3 years.

Andrews County Judge Charlie Falcon said there were a few solar companies already through the permitting and tax abatement process before he took his seat in January, but Jumbo Hill Wind Farm just finished the process under him.

During the 8-month construction phase, Falcon said, each company will need to staff about 200 employees, which he admits will be a tough task.

"I kind of feel like a lot of the jobs that will be coming in for construction will be from out of town," He said "Just simply because we don't have enough people to work in the Permian Basin as it is."

Although, even if the companies are able to recruit workers, finding a temporary place to live will be a challenge.

"Housing is in issue in Andrews just like it is in Midland and Odessa," Falcon said. "That could become an issue if we get another 200-300 people to work on one project - then if we pick up another."

But if the companies are successful at making these projects happen, he said it would be great for local economy.

"What I really appreciate about these companies coming to talk to us is the diversity in our economy," Falcon said. "We have been based on oil for so many years. I grew up here in Andrews, so seeing different things that can generate a revenue is a plus for us as a community."

During his short tenure as judge, there has already been a solar company fizzle out during the permitting and tax abatement process.

So, until he sees the panels or windmills, Falcon is uncertain these farms will truly get built.