Six-year-old lost scalp, ears after family friend's pit bull attacked

Published: Nov. 6, 2019 at 6:48 PM CST
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A six-year-old boy’s life has been changed forever after a pit bull attacked him last week in Monahans.

The family of that young boy said they expect him to spend months in the hospital recovering from an attack no one saw coming.

“Seeing my child in pain, this is the last thing I ever wanted to deal with,” Kianna Johnson-Medellin said. “It’s been really hard on all of us.”

Six-year-old Noah fought for his life last week.

In the attack, his scalp was torn to the bone while his cheeks were ripped open and he lost both of his ears.

His grandfather Jose Garcia said that night he was nearly unrecognizable.

“He almost looked like a burn victim when you saw him,” Garcia said. “It was dark and the mud and the dirt and he had his eyes closed, he couldn’t hardly speak. All he kept saying was he was too young.”

The family said Noah’s grandmother was inside during the attack, unaware that he was in the yard.

So, no one knows what led to the violent attack.

Noah told them he played dead allowing himself to be bit several more times until the dog finally left him alone.

“Tough to think what he was going through and how long the attack lasted,” Garcia said. “Nobody really knows.”

The strange thing is only days before that same pit bull appeared to be her son’s new best friend.

Noah’s mother explained she agreed to take care of her friend’s dog for a few days.

When Noah was sick, the dog laid at his feet and slept peacefully in her bed.

The whole time, she said the dog didn’t so much as growl.

“It’s a scary thought to know that an animal could go from being so loving to everything shifting,” Johnson-Medellin said.

A week after the incident, Garcia met with the dog’s owner who agreed to put the dog down after he saw photos of what it was capable of.

Now the family said they’re focused on giving Noah support as he continues to heal in a Dallas hospital.

The family has created a GoFundMe account to help with Noah’s hospital bills.

You can donate by clicking