Shoppers cross off their back to school list tax free

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Odessa, TX. (KOSA) - If you need back to school supplies, now is the time.

It was a busy day at Music City Mall and for good reason.

Necessary back to school items like backpacks, clothes and shoes were flying off the shelves as families were able to buy them at much cheaper prices due to the tax holiday.

So, it’s no surprise crowds poured in to save a little cash this weekend.

“Sometimes we get like big groups of people coming in, sometimes it’s slow but it’s been really busy,” Sales Associate Angel Garcia said.

Of course, not everything on your shopping list qualifies for this weekend’s deals.

Most clothing items under $100 won’t be taxed, but less essential items like jewelry or handbags will stay full priced.

I spoke to Kaylon Gray who was out to buy new shoes and clothes for his kids as the school year approaches.

He said the tax holiday can make a huge difference for some families.
“It helps families out that don’t got much,” Gray said. “Going back to school, that’s expensive. So, it benefits a lot. It benefits a lot, it helps out people.”

Garcia said a lot of people need breaks like this so they can have more money left over to spend on their other needs.

“I think it gives them a bit more money to spend cause usually during the week when come in to buy pairs of shoes,” Garcia said. “Like, a pair of shoes could be $20, but when they check out it comes to maybe $27. So, it just takes off like a little piece of edge for them to spend more than what they would be able to.”

The sales tax-free weekend will last until midnight on Sunday.

These same deals can also be found through online shopping.