Science on a Sphere lets guests explore space

MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) -- On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Blakemore Planetarium at the Museum of the Southwest unveiled a new exhibit that lets guests explore space: Science on a Sphere.

“It is a six-foot globe that we can project anything spherical on,” museum executive director Dan Eck said. “So we can make it look like planet Earth, we can make it look like the moon, Mars Jupiter.”

The sphere also displays videos, and much more.

“We download data sets from NOAA and from NASA so we can show weather patterns and earthquake history,” Eck said. “We can show the rise and contraction of empires throughout time. Or we can show parts of the solar system.”

“I feel like this is an amazing experience,” young space enthusiast Eli Lorenz said. “Once you walk in you have this big sphere and all the projectors are projecting on it, so you have it moving around and I really think it’s amazing.”

Guests to the grand opening also got to watch a video about the first moon landing, projected onto the planetarium dome.

The Museum of the Southwest hopes the sphere and the dome will provide a major educational asset to the community, and if Saturday was any indication, people are already learning.

“With a rocket you can get from here in Midland to Odessa in four seconds,” Lorenz said. “I think it’s amazing. My mind was blown.”

Science on a Sphere is a permanent exhibit, and if you visit the museum from now on they will actually let you control what goes on the globe.

“Oh I’m for sure coming back,” Lorenz said.