Roofs a major factor in ECISD's Proposition A

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ODESSA -- “We’ve had people fall and hurt themselves pretty badly,” said Patrick Young, the Chief of Operations at Ector County ISD.

He says one of the main pieces on the ECISD Proposition A, or TRE, is roof repairs.

In the 2016 and 2017 hail storms, more than half of the ECISD roofs were damaged. That’s where more than $9 million will be used if the ECISD Proposition A is approved.

“There was approximately $36 million worth of damage in the two hailstorms on the total of 27 buildings,” Young explained.

If it doesn’t pass, he said, “It could end up costing us around $20 million if we don’t get that recoverable depreciation back from the insurance.”

This affects schools district-wide.

“At Goliad, I know they stopped counting at about 30 buckets,” said Young. “We do have a small roofing crew on staff, it’s about 2 or three gentleman and they do a very good job band-aiding and keeping those roofs from leaking in vital areas - computers and in classrooms.”

Proposition A will generate about $18 million if approved.

A little over 6 million will go to the roofs this year and 3 million next year.
“This is something that was unexpected two years in a row and hopefully we can skirt some of these acts of nature in the near future and move out this behind us and move on down the road with educating our children,” Young said.

Over nine million of the 18 million dollars of Proposition A will go to faculty members across the board: teachers, custodians, maintenance and food service.

Another portion will go towards bus improvements and added security to all campuses.