Road rage a growing problem in the Permian Basin

ODESSA -- Road rage has been an issue in the Permian Basin and is increasing as it becomes more crowded.

"I got flipped off yesterday for no apparent reason," said John Wildt, a local driver.

The Odessa Police Department reported two acts of road rage turning into aggravated assault with a deadly weapon since Sunday.

"A lot of times when officers respond to these instances, they start out as accidents,” explained Corporal Steve LeSueur. “Once it's realized the person was intentionally hit, it no longer becomes an accident, it becomes an aggravated assault."

On Sunday on Eastridge and Gillespi, OPD explains one car intentionally hit another, trying to run it off the road.

"The vehicle is actually considered a deadly weapon - that's why it's being investigated as aggravated assault," Corporal LeSueur said.

Then on Monday, there was a high speed chase with two Silverado cars on 42nd and Grandview.

"One of these instances, the two drivers knew each other and have a history of violence with each other," he added.

"It's crazy. There are accidents left and right, you don't know what you can do about it. The city keeps building and we can't build fast enough, I suppose," commented Wildt.

Police say to avoid drivers who try to engage in road rage.

"The best thing to do is just let it go. Get down the information - license plate information, call it in, report it to dispatch and go a different way,” said Corporal LeSueur. “It's just so important not to pursue it because a lot of these cases involve someone with a weapon."

It's important to remember, when you purse someone with road rage, you're not only putting yourself at risk, but others as well.