Internal investigation underway by Odessa police following incident at restaurant and bar

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- Some community members were left with questions after witnessing an incident at an Odessa restaurant and bar.

A CBS7 viewer said the incident in the above video happened over the weekend at Halftime Grill and Cantina in Odessa after a customer was asked to leave by security.

The scene in the video happened in front of an Odessa police officer who some say should have acted differently. When asked about the officer witnessing the scene, the Odessa Police Department said it was the first time they’ve been made aware.  

“So it was an officer that was working off duty. Like I said, we just like to encourage people if somebody becomes aware of something or could be anything, if they feel an officer acted inappropriately then they’re always encouraged to contact us. And they can go to the media too but they need to contact us too so we can look into it,” Odessa Police Department communications officer, Cpl. Steve LeSueur, said.

The department said it will conduct an internal investigation into what the officer saw or did, adding that internal investigations are standard procedure.

“We don’t know what happened before that, we don’t know what led up to that, we don’t know if the security guard was assaulted, we don’t know anything. That’s why we look into it and the circumstances to see what happened in that, what happened involving the officer, we just look at everything,’ Cpl. LeSueur said.