West Texas roads will get facelift from $50M in approved funding

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) has seen it with his own eyes. The roads in west Texas are so congested they look more like a major highway in a major city. In some areas, he said traffic has increased nearly 400 percent, all due to the energy boom.

Hurd helped secure $50 million in funding back in December to improve the roads in west Texas through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s BUILD grant program. The Texas Department of Transportation received the money for the projects.

“And west Texas only has two percent of the population, but 10 percent of the fatalities. So, making sure we have that right infrastructure is important for people to get back and forth to their jobs, for people to get home and kids to get to school,” the Congressman said.

The improvements will include the addition of overpasses in Winkler, Glasscock and Reagan counties.
“The Permian Basin sees almost 500,000 new workers,” Hurd explained.

But with the upcoming construction, Hurd offers some advice to those in west Texas traveling the highways.

“Be safe. Drive the speed limit. And for my friends that are driving those trucks, make sure you drive the speed limit as well because those things are heavy and the stopping radius is pretty narrow,” he said.

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