Produce Man: Fiber From An Apple

PRODUCE MAN Hey, the first day of fall is this week, so what else should we celebrate with? Oh, my goodness.

I get a little bit giddy when it comes to Apple season because so many different varieties.

I want you to come close though -- really close to this right here, this Apple right here. I want to show you something with this Apple.

I'm gonna cut this in half, and I want to see if you can see it. Oh, did you hear that? Oh, my. Do you see it? Do you see what's in there? I know there's a seed.

What you see in here is fiber. Well, you can't really see it, but your body sees it when you eat an Apple. Oh, my goodness. There is fiber in an Apple.

And I know a lot of people love Apple juice. But, you know, juice and the real Apple, there's a big difference in how your body processes it.

If you eat -- drink Apple juice then that sugar -- that sugar spikes in your body. But when you eat an Apple with all that sugar in it, the fiber in there helps regulate the sugar content in your body. So fiber from a real Apple is always best.

I'm Michael Marks, Your Produce Man.