Presidio celebrates rail bridge to Mexico groundbreaking

Published: Oct. 23, 2018 at 1:06 PM CDT
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The city of Presidio is rebuilding its international bridge to reinvigorate trade at the Mexican border

This bridge can make all the difference for this small town

Local leaders celebrated the groundbreaking for a new Presidio-Ojinada international rail bridge.

For Presidio, a small town of only 12,000 people, this rail line can make them a major player in the Texas economy.

Texas U.S. Representative Will Hurd championed the project by helping secure a $7 million dollar grant from the Texas Department of Transportation when he saw how Presidio’s economy sagged without a trading partner.

“This is something that was a major part of this community a long time ago and the fact that it’s within our grasp to fix,” Hurd said.

Ten years after arsonists burned down one of the five ports of entry between Texas and Mexico, Presidio’s port will become a gateway to send fracking sand to West Texas oil fields.

Presidio City Manager Jose Portillo Junior said his city’s previous agricultural economy didn’t use the bridge to its fullest extend when it was up -- but it’s been given a second chance

“This is an opportunity for us to do our -- to contribute not only to the state and it’ll make us feel significant,” he said.

Portillo said this site will be important for oil and gas trade, which will stimulate Presidio’s local economy and create plenty of jobs.

Construction on the Presidio-Ojinada International Rail Bridge is scheduled to finish early next year.

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