Pre-planning your funeral could save you big bucks

ODESSA -- It's not the most comfortable conversation, but thinking ahead for your own funeral, even several years down the line, could save your family thousands of dollars.

And it's all because of a condition that's been around for decades.

"No one wants to come in to a funeral home and say I’m ready to make arrangements and speak about what is going to take place. One thing is that you have to sit down and make those plans," said Joel Gonzales, General Manager of Martinez Funeral Home and Crematory.

Although the median price for a funeral ranges between $7,000 and $9,000, planning still seems out of the ordinary for most people.

"Funeral pre-planning? For myself? No, I’m hoping I don’t go away anytime soon," said Tim Cuevas, an Odessa Business Owner.

But for Joel Gonzales, this conversation is just part of another day in the office, he's the Manager of Martinez Funeral Home and has been in the business for decades, Gonzales says he's seen the costs of funerals rise first hand.
And if you wait.

"Of course, its gonna fluctuate on you," Gonzales explained.

And the numbers show it, from 1986 to 2017 the price of caskets rose 230%.

As of now the arrow is only pointing up in the costs of passing away, that is unless you pay for it now before your time has come.

"You freeze the costs now, and the price is not going up in the future, you’ve already taken out your pre-need and your cost is frozen at that point," Gonzales said.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a study revealed that over 62% of consumers felt it was very important to communicate their funeral plans and wishes to family members prior to their own death, yet only about 20% had done so.

On Thursday May 10th, Martinez Funeral Home will be hosting a lunch and learn session about pre-planning a funeral.

It will happen at Noon on May 10th at the funeral home located at 1040 S Dixie in Odessa.

If you’d like to attend, RSVP at 432-332-8077.