Porter's works to keep their shelves stocked amid pandemic

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ANDREWS, Tx. (KOSA) - If you’ve tried to buy groceries this week, you’ve probably seen packed stores and empty shelves.

With the threat of infection around every corner, Porter’s customers in Andrews are sinking their teeth into whatever they can find.

“It’s been very hectic,” Dorothy Moore said. “I mean, people literally trying to beat other people.”

Moore is doing what she can to cross off her shopping list but for some things she’ll just have to wait.

Porter’s is now limiting how many essential items customers can buy at a time to give everyone a fighting chance until more shipments come in.

“If we slow down a little bit, it will catch up,” Store Director Judd Porter said. “We’re going to have the products we need.”

There’s enough food to go around but Porter’s can’t keep every shelf full as more and more people come pouring in.

“We are wiped out on toilet paper, paper towels, eggs right now but we do have supply coming in almost daily,” Porter said.

Management said Andrews has been patient and understanding about the drought, but that’s hasn’t been the case at other stores Latricia Rollo has been sent to supply.

“Fifteen people just come rushing toward the pallet trying to get water. Not even before I could put it in place. It was a little overwhelming.”

That’s why perhaps another thing to add to the shopping list is empathy and patience.

Like a bag of groceries, just a little can go a long way.

“We’re all out to help each other in the community and that’s the best thing for us,” Moore said. “It’s to help each other, not bulldoze each other.”