Planning and Zoning moves forward with Hillcrest housing project

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - The Planning and Zoning Committee in the Tall City met Monday evening and approved plans for rezoning a certain neighborhood.

She states neither the developers or the committee have the best interest of the community.

During this hearing City Hall was filled to capacity with residents in the chambers, the lobby, and even outside.

Sharon Humphreys lives in the Hillcrest neighborhood and has been actively trying to stop a housing project from what she said will ruin her surrounding areas.

She said she is beyond disappointed in the decision made to move forward with the project building affordable housing.

She states neither the developers or the committee have the best interest of the community.

“I have lived in Hillcrest Acres since my husband and I married in 2003. He has lived in Hillcrest Acres since 1993 and our neighbors across the street lived in Hillcrest Acres since 1962. They even moved there when there were no paved streets, they had to pay to pave the street.” said Humphreys.

Mostly concerned residents showed up for the hearing to do their part to challenge the project which will put an apartment building, for working professionals right in the center of their neighborhood.

According to the developers, Midland needs this affordable housing in order to attract more professionals like teachers, police men and women and firefighters.

“They let the genie out of the bottle and now they have broken the bottle. There is no going back. Unless the Midland Community Development Corporation asked for the zoning to be altered or changed again to build something more consistent with what the neighbors would want,” said Humphreys.

One resident who opposes the project claimed that the developers will pay zero dollars in taxes for this multi-million dollar project in Midland.

Now Humphreys just hopes that the developers would change their minds and start working with the community.

“More than 140 people that live within our whole surrounding neighborhood have signed stating they do not want this because of the greatly increased traffic. We really wanted homes there,” said Humphreys.