Picking Out an Asian Pear

PRODUCE MAN Oh, look at these: new crop Asian pears. They've been here for a few weeks, but i get a little bit giddy when i start seeing these beautiful Asian pears.

These are also known as an apple pear. And they called them apple pear for a good reason. They are very, very crisp. They're crisp like an apple, but they're very, very juicy like a pear.

So if you love an apple -- you love the crispness of an apple -- and you love the juiciness of a pear, guess what? You go here to Asian pears. Many, many different varieties. There's yellow colors; there's brown colors; there's orange colors -- in fact, i wanted to show you something.

When i'm picking out Asian pears at the market, i will always try to find a little bit of orange on them. You know what that tells me? This grew on the outside of the tree and was exposed to the sun. And there's gonna be far more sugar content in this Asian pear than others.

But Asian pears, when you pick them, they are ripe and ready to eat right now. I'm Michael Marks, your produce man.