Photos Released of Helicopter Crash Outside Alpine

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SOUTH OF ALPINE A helicopter went down about 22 miles south of Alpine on the Yarborough Ranch west of Hwy. 118 at 5:37 p.m. Friday evening, the Brewster County Sheriff's Office reports. First responders then worked against difficult to terrain to rescue those injured.

Multiple agencies including Alpine EMS, the sheriff's department, Border Patrol and Texas P&W Game Wardens responded to the scene where two people were transported by helicopter and ambulance with injuries. Both are expected to survive.

One of the four on board had to walk an hour and a half just to make it to the road to call for help.

According to the Alpine EMS who provided these pictures, the crash was down a 150 foot ravine and two of the injured victims were still at the helicopter.

Sheriff Ronnie Dodson said ranch staff were on board the helicopter conducting a deer survey. The pilot turned the helicopter around to shoot some wild boar when the helicopter nosed down, clipped a tree and could not recover.