Person arrested at a Midland grocery store after stealing car

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- At least one person was arrested Tuesday afternoon at a grocery store after the City of Midland said they stole a car from a dollar store customer.

The City of Midland said a “vehicle robbery” took place at the Dollar General at Illinois and Thomason around 1:20 on Tuesday. The city said the suspect fought the driver, stole their car, and drove away. The accused criminal was then arrested at Al’s Grocery Store on North Lamesa.

One eyewitness, Shafe Khan, said he was surprised to watch the scene unfold in his neighborhood.

“Very nice and quiet, peaceful area, very nice neighborhood,” Khan said.

Khan gave CBS7 the surveillance video from the store that he helps run. The Midland man explained how the arrest occurred. Khan said at least one police car pulled up behind him after he parked in the store’s parking lot.

“Telling me to take the keys out, put your hands up. It’s like a peaceful operation from police,” he said.

Khan said he wondered if he was speeding or forgot to use his turn signal. He then discovered it was the car next to him that the police were addressing through the loudspeaker.

“I sit tight in the car. Then after I realized it’s not me, it’s next car,” he said.

Within the next five minutes, more police surrounded the parking lot, according to Khan. The accused thief was then arrested.

“It’s really amazed me. I told the officer they are doing a good job, a great job to protect the city and the neighborhood. I respect Midland police,” he said.

CBS7 will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.