Permian High 'Gents' looking to make a lasting impact

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ODESSA -- These days we hear so many negative things about large, overcrowded high schools, and the pit falls it creates for students.

But we have the story of a men's group at Permian High School that's cultivating a love for music and creating a safe place for anyone who wants to be part of something positive.

"You're giving a gift. Something they don't get very often. They're going to love it. Smile - and it's double joy," said Ken Sieloff, one of the Choir Directors at PHS.

With those instructions, 50 members of "The Gents" vocal group from Permian High School walk into Parks Methodist ready to spread a little Christmas cheer.

Some of the young men are serious choir students.

For others, it's their first experience singing for anyone.

And that's the whole point.

"We build on those talents. We have fun. We make jokes. We have fun singing," said Sieloff.

Sieloff saw an opportunity here, to share a love for music, but more importantly, shape the hearts of young men.

"We had a couple of sophomore friends tell us it was fun. Mr. Sieloff is a great guy. We love him so much," said Harper Terry, a member of ‘The Gents’.

In a school so big it's easy to get lost, and these young men have found a place to belong.

"It's great. I mean you make strong bonds. We used to meet every once in a while. Now we meet every day," said Luis Ibarra, another member of ‘The Gents’.

"It's not your typical choir. It's more student led, more special that way,” said Kennison Vardeman, an original member of ‘The Gents’.

With three core values, music, camaraderie, and honorable character, Mr. Sieloff hopes "The Gents" have a lasting impact.

"We hope they walk away knowing that what we do it important, but it's also fun. We need to be good people while we're doing it," said Sieloff.

And another cool thing about ‘The Gents’ is that they are from every walk of life, athletes, academics, musicians, they are all different.

But this common bond is bridging a lot of gaps and creating some great friendships at the same time.