Tell Me Something Good: Permian Basin native mows lawns for free

Midland, Tx (KOSA) Steve Tami-Fourqurean is a resident in Midland who is using social distancing as an opportunity to mow lawns for free around the Permian Basin.

“It started with just my own boredom,” Tami-Fourqurean said. “Just needed to get out of the house and go do something. Kept getting responses and messages and the more it went on, kinda the bigger it got to a point I can’t quit now.”

Although Steve isn’t on the front lines combating the coronavirus, he’s still doing his part to cut some of stress out of people’s lives and provide a simple service.

Just like everybody else, Steve has a little extra time on his hands.

He spends it outside mowing lawns and serving his community.

“Oddly enough I enjoy mowing,” Tami-Fourqurean said. “It’s just satisfying to me to mow. Everybody right now is kinda hurting. This doesn’t cost me anything but some time which I’ve got plenty of it.”

As a true outdoorsman and just like many West Texans that have beat the heat mowing lawns, Steve loves any opportunity to be outside while also following the city-mandated safety regulations.

“Yeah I just enjoy being outdoors that’s meant more to me than anything. If it means something to. If it means something to the people I’m mowing for that’s just an added bonus.”

Steve started mowing lawns on Thursday and ever since then his direct messages have filled up on Facebook.

Fourqurean’s goal is to mow up to 1,000 lawns, use his good-samaritan spirit to leave it on the grass and be a service to the Permian Basin.