People use religion as a coping mechanism during COVID-19 outbreak

Published: May. 24, 2020 at 3:01 PM CDT
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People use many coping mechanisms to press on during the coronavirus including exercising and meditating.

Another avenue people chose is to use the power of religion to persevere through this uncertain time.

Odessa Bible Church Senior Pastor Bob Thayer is focusing his sermons on what he knows to be true.

“I think as pastors we have to continue to remind people of what we know,” Thayer said. “Anytime you go through a disruption you have to focus on what you know. We know God’s word is true. We know that God’s character is true. We know that God works through all things. So it’s really focusing our people back and reminding them that scripture is still paramount.”

Thayer also says that disruptions such as the coronavirus outbreak and the oil crash are part of what draw people back to their religious beliefs.

“They are reminded that there is a void inside them and that maybe they need something else. And I think that God uses disruptions like this to draw people to Christ so they can discover the certainty that He brings. And they can recalibrate their worlds around something besides what kind of truck they can buy, how much money they can make. They learn that Christ can sustain them through all things."

As places of business open back up, Thayer says that returning to in-person worship is essential in taking strides towards normalcy.

“So what I’m trying to get our church to do is get back to those basic things. Of God’s word and never let it go, fellowship with one another, get back into those authentic, spiritual relationships, and reminding ourselves that we need prayer to go through things like this.”