Pecos special education students honoring soldiers overseas

Published: Jan. 31, 2017 at 12:03 AM CST
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Students in a Pecos special education class are using their skills in the kitchen to honor our nation's heroes.

In four months, the students have learned how to cook, work together, and most importantly what it means to give back.

“Happy is what this class gives off, when you step in you feel a sense of joy,” said student Ethan Salazar.

It’s that joy that has been driving these students to put their pencils down and their cooking aprons on.

“I wanted to have some kind of work ethics for my students to learn, so that they’re not necessarily just learning the basic hand written stuff all the time, and that they can learn to be better people in society,” said Special ED Teacher Lori Evans.

Each month Mrs. Evans and her students transform their classroom into what they’ve deemed “The Life Skills Kitchen” restaurant.

From Mexican food to German and now this month Chinese.

The students prepare a full meal and pre-sell tickets to faculty members and those working in administration.

“After we started doing the first couple of them, I realized we’re making a good profit and our kids are enjoying it,” said Evans.

“They’re seeing they’re getting money off it to spend in either the classroom, or do something at the end of the year.”

But back in December, Mrs. Evans had the idea to use their profits as another teaching lesson to give back.

“At that time my husband’s dear friend was being deployed and I thought you know we might could follow him and then send him some care packages,” Evans said.

In no time at all Mrs. Evans and her students put together a wall to honor and follow each soldier they send a care package to.

“Made me feel honored, made me feel privileged knowing that we’re going to help somebody last through the war,” said student Michael Ornelas.

It’s a lesson each one of these students will never forget.

In fact, 15-year-old Ethan Salazar has a special message for the sergeant they’re currently following in Kuwait.

“I would like for you to know that we cherish what you’re doing for this country and we think that this is the least we can do for you and for you to keep doing a great job.”

Just to send one care package overseas cost’s $50.

If you would like to help these students out with their project you can do so by donating different items to the high school to help them fill up their care packages.