Pecos sales tax revenue jumps 60% in a year

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REEVES COUNTY -- The City of Pecos has seen a dramatic boost in sales tax revenue – up about 60 percent from last year.

We spoke to Pecos employees about how business is booming in the small town.

“We’re blessed to have people in town with the activity of the Delaware basin,” Pecos Economic Development Corporation Director Ken Winkles said.

That’s putting it mildly.

Pecos’ population has double over the past seven years due to the oil boom and the influx of people in town means a lot more shoppers crowding businesses.

“We’re never like not busy,” Pizza Hut Employee Karisma Fuentes said.

Winkles said the city is generating more than $1 million dollars in sales taxes every month and that money will be used to improve the city’s roads and infrastructure.

“If you go back to the mid-nineties when we were not much going on in Pecos,” Winkles said. “I think anybody right now would take Pecos in 2019 compared to Pecos in 1999, for example.”

Pody’s BBQ employees certainly agree.

Owner Veronica Campos has run this restaurant for nearly a decade and gone from mostly empty tables to lines every day.

“The difference is honor you come in and it’s something fast,” Campos said. “Now, we have our big lines, of course, more customers. And I think it’s like that everywhere, especially here in Pecos.”

Campos also said she wants to expand since sales are rising and the city has the same idea as it has plans to bring in new businesses.

“For the city’s part we’re working with some development corporations and the Pecos Economic Development Corporation to bring in new housing opportunities and new development opportunities for that retail,” Pecos City Manager Seth Sorensen said.

Until then, customers will just have to wait.