Peaceful Black Lives Matter march held in Downtown Odessa Sunday night

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 2:29 PM CDT
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Hundreds of residents gathered in downtown Odessa Sunday night to peacefully protest over the recent killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer.

"I'm out here today to show that just because we're young and just because we're in Texas, it's not in the center of where all this is happening, it still affects us," Dominique Nelson said. "We still care. And we're going to show it."

Although so many other demonstrations throughout the country have spiraled into violence and chaos. In Odessa protesters simply marched and shared their thoughts on police violence.

"If the community can come together and see the bigger purpose and show the world we can do this peacefully, and without being violent and forget what the purpose is for," Dominique Estorga said. "We're here for injustices. We're here for everyone standing together. We're not here for black against white. We're here for people against racism. People against oppression man, this is America, this isn't China. We're out here trying to be peaceful."

"I hope that when the government sees that everywhere is doing this, not just the towns that have been affected," Nelson said. "It's not just looting and burning down buildings, it's peaceful protest, it's spreading a message. I hope that they can see that. Every police officer, it doesn't matter status, race, or ethnicity, should be held accountable for his crimes."

"I just want to say respects to George Floyd and his family. But, George Floyd was a mortar basically. He was just somebody else that had laid down for a bigger message to be passed and this is the message. I wanted to say thank you George for your sacrifice."

Many of these demonstrators say they came out to march because they want to see government officials do more to counter what they consider to be unjust violence against minorities.

"If the followers can get it peacefully done, then our leaders can get it peacefully done. That's who we're supposed to go to to lead us. That's all we want to show y'all. We're going to follow you guys as long as you just lead us right."

"I am standing for justice for George Floyd. Simple as that. We held hands and they broke it up. We sang songs and they shot us in the face with rubber bullets. So finally when things get dangerous, and people start looting, and people start burning down buildings, you're listening now. And it's time for them to listen."

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