Parents of slain officer speaks out about the loss of their son

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MIDLAND COUNTY -- It’s been almost a week since officer Nathan “Hayden” Heidelberg was killed in the line of duty.

Now, for the first time his parents are speaking out about their loss.

Nathan and Glenny Heidelberg’s statement to the media today reflected on the sorrow they feel as they mourn the loss of their son, but also the gratitude they feel toward their community that’s helped honor officer Heidelberg.

“The family of Officer Nathan Hayden Heidelberg would like to extend their sincerest thank you, to the community of Midland that Hayden loved to serve,” Deputy Chief Gregg McCright read in a press conference.

In their statement, the Heidelberg family chose to focus on the positive outreach they’ve gotten from the community almost a week after their son was fatally shot while responding to an alarm call.

“The outreach of love and support has truly been amazing,” McCright read. “We love that Hayden has touched so many lives in so many different ways.”

Midland’s love for its fallen officer was on full display outside the police department where Heidelberg’s cruiser was adorned with flowers, candles and hand-written notes.

Tributes showing the officer’s family sincere respect and admiration for their brave son.

That includes a note from Na’mor Goodley who said she wanted to write a letter to the officer who she always knew as a friendly face in her neighborhood.

“I put on the letter you were loved and still is,” Goodley said.

Goodley said although she didn’t know Heidelberg well, she was hurt when she found out a good man had been killed and wanted to do what she could to help his family heal.

“Since he was so young and so nice and sweet, I felt really bad, so I wanted to give all the love that I had to his family and everything,” Goodley said.

Of course, no amount of flower arrangements or signs can ever really fill the void left in Midland’s police department.

All they can do now is remember Heidelberg and continue the work he cherished.

“It still hurts,” Sergeant Michael Chandler said. “There’s always going to be that sorrow, but I know Nathan would think there’s still work to be done so we must move forward.”

“God bless Hayden’s brothers and sisters in blue,” McCright read. “You will forever be apart of our family. All our love Nathan and Glenny Heidelberg.”

Officer Heidelberg served five years with the Midland Police Department and was given the Medal of Valor, the department’s highest award, at his funeral.