Parents of 6-year-old girls killed by suspected drunk driver speak out

ODESSA, Tx (KOSA) Raul and Agueda Coy said their twin girls Mia and Mya had been each other’s best friend since birth.

“They knew how to complete each other’s sentences,” father Raul said. “They made each other laugh. They’d be in their room and all you hear is them laughing. They completed each other.”

In fact, the only time the girls were apart was when they were assigned different classes as kindergarteners at Cameron Elementary.

“They adored their teachers,” mother Agueda said. “They drew pictures for them all the time. The day of the accident we’d started buying school supplies, getting ready for school.”

However, Mia and Mya will never start first grade, after the horrific crash that killed them Wednesday night.

“I saw [Mia] flying,” Raul said. “I knew it was her because I knew the shirt she was wearing. I had no idea she had taken my other baby Mya. I had no idea she had hit her until my sister brought her to me, lifeless, and put her on the ground.”

Now the family is left with the memories of the two girls who they say loved to sing and dance.

The family has received tremendous support from the community, including from Raul’s boss, who set up a GoFundMe for the Coy family.

“It means everything to me,” Raul said. “I’ve know Mr. Bo [Douthit] and his wife since 2006. He’s always been there for me, including when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. He helped me through that, he supported me, just like he is now. I’d like to thank him and everybody that’s supported us.”

Mia and Mya leave behind their mom and dad, and two older sisters.

The GoFundMe account to help the Coy family can be found here