Parents adjust to kids learning from home during the coronavirus pandemic

Midland, Tx (KOSA) With COVID-19 forcing students to learn virtually from home, there are benefits and challenges for parents having kids at home while still working their everyday jobs.

Joseph and Belinda Norman are parents who work from home in Midland while still making sure their children earn an education from home.

Their oldest child Maxwell is in the Midland Classical school system and before the pandemic was on a hybrid schedule of going to school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday while being homeschooled on Tuesday and Thursday which Belinda says prepared her for this situation.

“When all this happened, the transition was pretty seamless," Belinda Norman said. "We communicate with his teacher every day. They’re right there to hold your hand through everything so it was a bit a blessing. I can’t imagine just being thrown into this like a lot of parents were here. The support that his school gave us through this whole thing was amazing.”

Joseph enjoys spending time with his kids, but he also says there’s some anxiety that comes with it and learning how to redirect that into forming a schedule to teach the kids so they can continue learning while also making time for them to play is essential.

“I think all the parents respect the teachers so much more because of the load that they took off of us raising our kids and we’re starting to realize that now," Joseph Norman said. "You have to learn how to stay on schedule, keep them busy, and get into a routine to help alleviate some of that anxiety that you may have.”

Getting the kids done with their school work early in the day and tag teaming subjects proved to be key for the Normans in helping their kids finish the school year on a high note.

“We really tried to get it done as early as possible so by noon we were done with school," Belinda said. "And then it was great because Joe was home, my husband. And I’m not great with math so he took over the math part and I was like ‘oh man this is great.’ So it was good for Maxwell too. Even having both parents here was a tremendous help.”