Package missing for 20 years finally returned

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MIDLAND -- The package seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, with the simple instruction "Do Not Open Till XMas!" written in marker on the front.

At first glance, the package appears to be pristine and ready to send - until you see the date on the corner.

It was only after checking the label on the top right corner that Andrea Hood realized it wasn't a cruel prank, but instead that the package had been shipped off 20 years ago in December.

"I thought it was a joke. It said 'don't open until Christmas', but it's April!" said Andrea.

Andrea works as a mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service in Midland. When she found the box she was able to track down the owner and made sure the gift was returned.

Ann, the owner, was eventually reunited with the package thanks to Andrea's hard work.

"At least you know why you never got a thank you note," Andrea said to Ann over FaceTime.

Over the phone Andrea and Ann opened the package together to find out just what had been missing.

"Well I hope it's not a's perfume!"

The contents came as a surprise to Andrea.

"It's not broken, (laughs) I can't believe it!"

While the package may have gone undelivered, the best gift of all was yet to be received.

"I've got goosebumps and I've got this new person I get to connect with," said Andrea.

Andrea says that she was also able to connect with the person who was supposed to receive the package, and now all three are in a group message.