One fugitive taunted a constable online, saying they'd never catch him. Then, that constable tracked him down

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - A constable out near Temple likes to post “most wanted fugitives” on his Facebook page.

One of the most recent ones decided to message back, taunting that the constable would never catch him.

But that fugitive got a surprise visit Wednesday in Midland.

Bell County Constable Thomas Prado got a little tired of those clapbacks, so he drove five hours just to slap the cuffs on his heckler.

The Midland County Sheriff's Office helped Prado arrest D’Andre Green this afternoon after he had tracked Green to a local store.

Prado said when Green saw him, his eyes went wide with shock, and this time it wasn't an emoji.

Constable Thomas Prado often posts most wanted posters asking fugitives to surrender.

Sometimes they’ll call him personally to turn themselves in, but not Green.

D'Andre decided to reply back with messages like:

“I’m on an island sippin’ mojitos. I'll call when I make it back to town... Kisses, kisses, kisses.”

Prado didn’t take the replies too seriously.

He just wrote D,Andre back, letting him know his time on the lam would be short.

So far, Facebook folks have loved the feud, leaving hundreds of likes on their exchange.

"It’s' just too funny you know,” Prado said.

Prado said he isn't holding a grudge against Green for heckling him and, as a matter of fact, he said Green is more than welcome to come over once he's out of jail so the two can enjoy some mojitos.