West Texas church celebrates major milestone

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - One church in the Permian Basin is celebrating a very special milestone.

​Grace Lutheran Church in the Tall City celebrated 90-years of serving the Basin.

​Grace Lutheran Church in the Tall City celebrated 90 years of serving the Basin on Saturday.

The church held a little birthday party as a kick-off for a year of celebrations.

Community members had a chance to walk through the church's history and learn about future events being held in honor of their 90th birthday.

According to Sharon Burks with Grace Lutheran, this was also a chance for the church to keep sharing grace with all its current and past members.

“It started out a small church on Wall Street. Than as more people became part of the church than we were able to buy this property right here on Golf Course and built a church at first it was kind of small and it got larger. If you walk around we have a lot of services now,” said Burks.

Grace Lutheran wants to invite the community to join them at their next event ‘Hymn Fest’ in early April.