On Your Side: Couple claims they were scammed out of wedding photos

MIDLAND -- Caleigh Solis was hoping to hang her wedding pictures in her home, but now those walls are bare.

“It’s a memory, a day we will never get back," she explained, "My husband had family came in from LA, we cannot recreate this.”

Caleigh and her husband hired Brittney Mohr, from BritMarie Photography, to take their wedding pictures.

“She spent hours with us on the day of the wedding, we even paid her extra because she stayed longer,” Caleigh said.

The couple expected to see their photos only a few weeks after their honeymoon.

“She said two months, then in August she said it would be a couple more weeks, she kept giving every excuse in the book,” she said.

After months of back and forth through texts and email, the couple had only received a few pictures of the venue. When the photographer quit responding, Caleigh took to social media and found out she wasn't alone. Others had similar complaints about the same photographer.

“It made me feel justified," Caleigh explained, "but it also broke my heart for them.”

CBS 7 called Brittany to get her side of the story but received no answer. We also checked her social media account, and couldn’t find any trace of her. When we went to her website, it said it was under construction.

Caliegh said it's not the money she lost, but the memories.

“Our kids, we won’t be able to show pictures of our wedding to our kids and future family members,” she said.

The Better Business Bureau said to always do research before selecting any type of vendor, espeically for a big event like a wedding.

CBS 7 found one comment on Caliegh's post that said Brittany had been a great photographer.