Oklahoma lawmakers propose ‘Make America Great Again’ license plate

OKLAHOMA CITY (Gray News) - Two Republicans have filed a bill in the Oklahoma state Senate to allow drivers to put a “Make America Great Again” license plate on their vehicles.

Two Oklahoma Republicans are proposing license plates featuring two of President Donald Trump's campaign slogans. (Source: Sen. Nathan Dahm/Facebook)

Sens. Nathan Dahm and Marty Quinn filed the bill Tuesday, and it also includes a “Keep America Great” option. Both are popular slogans associated with President Donald Trump.

The bill states the plates shall be designed and issued to anyone wishing to demonstrate support for Trump’s proclamations. The plates would be designed in consultation with the corporation or entity designated by Trump, and the state’s tax commission would be authorized to enter a licensing agreement if any licensing fees are required.

The examples Dahm showed on his social media pages included Trump’s initials and 2020, signifying support for the president’s re-election, but no money collected from the license plates would go toward the campaign.

The licensing agreement would provide up to a $10 payment for two veterans groups in Oklahoma for each plate purchased.

A first reading for the bill is scheduled for Feb. 3.

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