Shooting at Odessa apartment complex sends teen to the hospital

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- A teenager is in the hospital after he was shot at an Odessa apartment complex.

Ashley Mendoza and her husband say they were at home playing poker when they heard four loud bangs, they at first thought were fireworks.
But then they heard the screams.

“We heard footsteps and then we heard like screaming and it was just a lot of commotion and we were trying to figure out what was going on,” Mendoza said. “I was too scared to go outside. I just didn’t want to get involved in any of that.”

Odessa police report a 16-year-old had been shot in a drug-related incident at the Brady Station Apartments.

Investigators said he was taken to medical center hospital with non-life-threatening injuries but couldn’t release any other details as of Sunday night.

“Something we didn’t expect to happen,” Adrian Gonzalez said. “Especially, my wife’s expecting, I got a daughter. Literally, the crime scene was blocked off right at our window, like at my daughter’s window. So, it just concerns me, y’know?”

Gonzalez explained he saw police investigating in this lot where he says bloodstains dotted the asphalt.

Those stains went around the side of one of the buildings to another much larger pool of blood.

That was where one neighbor said he found the shooting victim stumbling alongside his girlfriend, his hand clutching his chest.

“She came and was like ‘my dude’s shot’ and I thought she was b*******ing or whatever,” the neighbor said. “But then I seen the young guy come and hold himself. I was like damn. And then he came right there, and he fell.”

That neighbor, who declined to share his name, said he immediately ran to the injured boy and tried to keep him stable until the ambulance arrived.

“I was just holding him, pretty much, trying to like coach him to keep with it, y’know? One of his partners was holding the wound—he was holding it, so he wouldn’t bleed out like that. But he still bled out pretty much.”

He said he has no idea what circumstances lead to the shooting but hopes the boy recovers soon.

“Either way, too young. Too young to get shot like that. Sixteen.”

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call the Odessa Police Department or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS and reference Case #19-25848.