Odessa residents can have FedEx shipments sent to Market Street, Not risk porch pirates

ODESSA, TX (NEWS RELEASE) -- As a service to the Permian Basin by Market Street, guests in Odessa now will be able to ship FedEx packages directly to a store for pick up, instead of their home.

“With the popularity of online shopping, and porch piracy on the rise, people are looking for a safe alternative to the front door for their valuable deliveries,” said Chris James, chief operations officer for The United Family. “As the holiday purchases begin to arrive, we want our new service to give United shoppers convenience and little peace of mind.”

The United Family has worked with FedEx on official delivery protocols to ensure package security and tracking. Each day, a trained team member will receive all FedEx packages and place in a secure holding area behind the Guest Services Counter.

To retrieve a package, guests simply present their name and proper identification at Guest Services. The package is then scanned with an official FedEx handheld scanner, to update tracking information, and the guest signs to confirm receipt. Packages remaining at the close of business will be scanned to remain in “inventory” for pick up at a later time.

In the area, the program is currently available at the Market Street in Odessa at 4950 E. 42nd St. No additional FedEx services, such as shipping or labels will be available.