Odessa police reminding drivers to slow down in school zones

ODESSA -- The Odessa Police Department is asking drivers to be careful now that school is back in session.

According to OPD, during the last calendar school year their officers issued 510 citations for speeding in school zones and worked 18 major crashes in school zones.

Police are sharing the following reminders with drivers:

1) Be aware of the established 20-25 mile-per-hour school zones.

2) Most school zones use yellow flashing lights to warn motorists of the reduced speed zone.

3) Texas State law prohibits the use of cell phones while the lights are flashing.

4) Please obey school crossing guards and be mindful of all pedestrians using the crosswalks.

Anyone caught speeding in a school zone could face a fine up to $300. Using a cell phone while driving could net a fine up to $232.