Odessa police destroy suspicious package found outside Sam Houston Elementary

ODESSA -- "I was terrified, I was afraid for my son, afraid for my wife, afraid for the other kids around us,” said Michael Babcock, a father of a 5-year-old Sam Houston student.

The father was at a loss for words when his wife told him she found what looked like a pipe bomb just inches from their car while she was picking up their son.

"I was scared, I could’ve lost my wife, I could’ve lost my son, and probably other kids too,” said Babcock.

The object was found a few yards away just under a nearby tree, this is just feet from where the smaller kids are released to parents after school.

But what was the thing they found?

"The only thing I could describe is basically a make-shift bomb, out of weird materials,” said Babcock.

The woman who found the object, did not want to go on camera for her safety showed me remnants of the object still left in front of the school.

As far as a response by the school and police, this parent is grateful about how it was handled.

"They locked down the school really quick, to make sure no kids or anybody leaves until authorities got there to sweep the area,” Babcock explains.

Although some on social media are criticizing the school district for not alerting parents about it immediately.

But Ector County ISD did respond to a request for a statement by CBS 7.

“We are very thankful the parent told us about what she found. We want to know any time someone see something suspicious or out of place around our schools. We also appreciate the response of the Odessa Police Department to ensure that the students and staff who were still at school were safe,” said Ector County ISD in a statement.

It’s important to note that the district says that a shelter in place happened about 15 minutes after school was released, this was done to protect anyone who was still at the school including for extracurricular activities, according to ECISD.

According to Odessa Police Department, the object was taken by them and destroyed, they do want to make it clear that they say no one was ever in any danger.

The investigation into this situation is ongoing.