Odessa police catch Peeping Tom; Issue him a ticket

ODESSA -- Police say they have identified and cited a man who was caught on camera looking through the bathroom window of an Odessa home.

According to the Odessa Police Department, 55-year-old Juan Gurrero-Castro has been cited with two counts of Disorderly Conduct - Window Peeping, a Class C Misdemeanor.

Police say that Castro was located and interviewed by detectives before he was cited. A mugshot is not available as he was not arrested.


One Odessa family is warning neighbors after they found troubling security footage of a man lurking outside their home.

Last weekend the Llanas family woke up to footage of a man peering into their daughter’s bathroom window early in the morning.

“Y’know, I thought we were safe here and I feel a little different now,” home owner Jose Llanas said.

And it wasn’t just once.

Llanas said the man was first spotted last Friday morning by a security camera on their door and just one day later he returned this time pictured more clearly by a newly installed camera.

Llanas said his wife was in the bathroom when an alarm went off.

“She had her phone with her when she looked at it she noticed there was a man in front of the house again looking in the window again,” Llanas said.

Since then the family has filed police reports, but until investigators can figure out who this man is Llanas said he won’t let his children out of his sight.

“It’s kind of changed the way we lived,” he said. “We kind of feel like prisoners in our own home because y’know now when my daughter leaves somewhere we know she left the house. She texts us when she gets to where she’s going. I mean, we’re scared.”

They’ve also warned all of their surrounding neighbors about the mysterious person.

Beth Yeilding said she was shocked when she saw the tapes.

“It is scary that someone would be that bold to walk up and y’know not only once but more than one time to do that,” she said.

Meanwhile the Llanas family will be keeping a watchful eye on their property in case the man returns a third time.

“We just want to take every precaution that we can y’know so that y’know no one gets hurt,” Llanas said.