Odessa mother reunites with family after Trump grants clemency

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) An Odessa woman is now walking free after president trump granted her clemency this week.

CBS7 spoke with Crystal Munoz on the phone today after she left the Fort Worth prison to talk about how that ruling is changing her life.

Back in 2007, Crystal Munoz was convicted on a drug conspiracy charge for pointing out border crossing points on a map that were later used by drug smugglers.

She was separated from her husband and daughters for 12 years until The White House said enough is enough.

“But I’m still in shock,” Crystal Munoz said. “It still hasn’t fully hit me yet, like reality.”

Just days ago, Crystal Munoz was in a prison cell looking ahead at years in prison with more than a decade already under her belt.

But this week, President Trump agreed to give this Odessa mother clemency along with 11 others and just like that she’s a free woman again.

“That he has granted not only me but my daughters, my family, my husband the opportunity to have a new and better life,” she said. “He has given us back our lives, a second chance at life.”

A second chance for Crystal to raise her two daughters who she’s seen grow up within the walls of a visitation room.

She said she couldn’t even hold her youngest daughter Noba for more than two days after giving birth to her in prison.

Crystal’s husband Ricky said it was hard for their family to work with a missing piece.

“It was emotional,” Ricky Munoz said. “They’d be happy, then they’d be sad. There’d be time where we’d cry, that they miss her. I’m just grateful that I was able to take them all the time to see their mom and get to know her.”

Crystal said those tears were still flowing when she walked out of those prison gates for the last time, but this time they were tears of joy.

She said she’s humbled as there’s so many others who deserve the mercy she was given and she’s going to use this gifted time to finally be with her daughters.

“To care for them, nurture them and give them all the love and attention they deserve that they’ve been lacking all these years,” Crystal said. “My husband, to help him, and just go hard and accomplish all the goals and dreams we’ve had all these years.”

Crystal said her family set up a GoFundMe account because a lot of people are giving donations to her family to help her transition into civilian life.

You can find a link to that account here