Odessa finds creative housing solution for construction workers

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ODESSA -- The City of Odessa found a new way for contract workers to afford housing – by taking houses out of the picture entirely.

“Right now, our economy is booming,” said Odessa Public Information Coordinator Andrea Woodson. “We have very little affordable housing available, our hotels and motels are at capacity so it’s difficult to bring workers in to work on developments.”

The city’s solution: Let contract workers live right on their construction sites.

The ordinance approved Tuesday will allow construction companies to park mobile homes on development sites for a small permit fee.

RVs can only be allowed on sites distant from residential areas and must leave after the project is finished.

Goodson said it’s a creative way to help construction companies maintain much needed workers.

“We’re trying to think outside the box and think of ways to help these contractors while encouraging economic development, encouraging economic growth, but still ensuring that the safety and the attractiveness in our community,” she said.

The ordinance will go into effect in early November.