Odessa elementary school honors veterans

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ODESSA -- An elementary school in Odessa paid a special tribute to our veterans Friday morning.

Students at Blanton Elementary school read handwritten letters thanking the veterans for serving our country. They also had a chance to ask them questions about life overseas.

State Representative Brooks Landgraf and U.S. Representative Mike Conaway, who served our country, were also in attendance for the ceremony.

One Marine veteran couldn't attend the ceremony. Joseph Sperl, 51, passed away from a heart attack back on October 6th. He left behind his wife and three children. Two of which, attend Blanton Elementary.

"It was very hard because I don't have my Dad with me and my Dad for me, is special," Sperl's daughter Aaliyah said.

Sperl's 8-year-old son Jakobi might even follow in his father's footsteps one day.

"maybe I would want to be a Marine," Jakobi Sperl said.