Odessa community fund has accumulated over $320,000 for victims and families

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ODESSA, Tx (KOSA) -- The Odessa Chamber of Commerce set up a victims fund right after the mass shooting on Labor Day weekend, and it's still receiving donations almost three weeks later.

Courtesy: Odessa Chamber of Commerce

The CEO and president of the chamber, Renee Earls, said they have $320,000 in the bank, but they also have over $200,000 in pledges that the chamber knows is coming.

Earls added that the generosity has been overwhelming, and from all over.

Donations range from big corporations to local mom-and-pop shops, and cheerleaders from a Dallas-area school to a donation all the way the UK.

Earls explained that they will be putting together a task force that will include accountants, attorneys, and other professionals that will make sure the Odessa Community Fund is divided up carefully to cover medical costs and funeral costs for victims and their families.

She said the chamber is also consulting with other communities that have gone through similar tragedies, such as El Paso, to see how they handled their own donation fund. 

If you want to give to the fund set up for the victims, Earls said you are more than welcome to or mail it or hand-deliver a donation to their office at the Bank of America on 700 Grant Street.