Odessa High School student facing charge after calling in threat

ODESSA -- An Odessa High School student is facing a charge after the school district says she left a threatening voicemail.

According to Ector County ISD, on Tuesday morning staff at Odessa High School were welcomed by a voicemail from a student who was claiming that they were going to shoot up the school.

They also found a second voicemail from the same caller who said "just kidding."

ECISD Police then began working with DPS to identify the source of the calls and they were eventually revealed to have come from a 15-year-old female student.

The student will be facing a Class A Misdemeanor of Threat or Exhibition of a Firearm on School Property or Bus.

The following comes from ECISD:

"We hope that by sharing this with you, it will discourage the next person who believes it will be funny to make such a phone call."