Odessa High School Cheer Team performs at the Citrus Bowl

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FLORIDA -- For the first time in Odessa High School history, the Bronchos Cheer Team performed at a college football bowl game.

CBS7 spoke to the Bronchos Cheer Team who said performing at the big game was exhilarating for all of them.

“Whenever we first got out there, we were just like oh my gosh guys this is a little scary,” senior OHS Cheerleader Sydnie Cole said. “We’re so nervous. There’s so many people, it was just crazy. We got out there, we were kind of scared but as we started going, we just had so much fun and we were so excited.”

Team organizers said the cheerleaders earned their spot at the giant sporting event earlier this year at a cheer camp.

The Broncho Cheer Team won first place between more than a dozen other teams for their skills and excellent attitudes.

But that was only half the battle.

The team also had to fundraise thousands of dollars to afford the trip to Florida and managed to pull it off in only two months.

“These girls have worked their tails off to get this done to be able to go. Lots of weekends spent instead of going and having fun, they spent lots of weekends doing cooking and baking.”

After all that fundraising and hours of practices, their hard work finally paid off.

Senior OHS Cheerleader Nayley Soltero said it was all worth it for her because she wants to pursue cheerleading in college and this taste of the big leagues gave her plenty of motivation to keep trying.

“Like when I got on the field, I felt like I was like this is what I would see if I was a student and became a cheerleader in college and I just felt really good about it,” Soltero said. “It made me think different, y’know, how I would see cheer after high school.”

Whether or not any of them chose to cheer in college, the Bronchos Cheer Team said this is a once in a lifetime opportunity they’ll never forget.