Odessa Fire Rescue candidates pass rigorous testing

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- A group of potential Odessa Fire Rescue candidates took part in a rigorous agility test on Monday.

15 potential Odessa Fire Rescue candidates passed a rigorous agility test on Monday. (Photo: Ben Powell/CBS7)

15 of the 23 candidates were able to pass a written test which allowed them to advance to the physical test which all 15 passed.

The candidates will now move on and interview with a panel and with the chief who will decide whether or not they can officially train and become firefighters.

The test is usually done twice a year but has recently been held more frequently in an attempt to fill gaps in the department.

"The actual test is nowhere near what you need to actually be a firefighter. But it gives a little insight into what they need to work on, what we need to help them with if they do hire on with us," said Marty Moya, the Training Chief for Odessa Fire Rescue.

Anyone who is interested in joining Odessa Fire Rescue can find more information on the City of Odessa's website or by calling (432) 257-0502 and asking for the training division.